Amyl poppers experience continued

8 sniff, left and right, random number gen 1-9 - 9  is drawn, fuck me, lets hope i can type after that, ok waiting for hit…. to take…. effffect. oh yes, just as a man inserts his foot into a bottom, remembering my first sucking… those were the days.

9 sniff, left and right, random number gen 1-6 - 2 is drawn, been waiting my whole life to be a slut, and now the time has come


First try with amyl..

first sniff, right nostril, light, 8s heart pounding, instantly horny

second sniff, left nostril, medium, getting that ‘in-your-head’ feeling, so hard, listening to porn moaning, writing gets difficult.

third sniff, left and right, light medium, fuck yeah im a popperbater. want more, want cock.

fourth sniff, left and right, 3s, watching fisting, the slop sounds are getting me crazy, wanna be a sloppy cunt fucker

fifth sniff, left and right, random number gen 1-6 - 5 is drawn, 5s, im anyones slut, stick your cock in my face.

6 sniff, left and right, random number gen 1-7 - 4 is drawn, watching gloryhole vid, wish i could suck anon cock right now, gloryholer takes poppers, yes slut yes.

7 sniff, random number gen 1-8 - 2 is drawn :(, begging for more poppers, begging for more cock, cum, piss

… this is going on right now, update coming up.



Is impossible don’t scream with a monster cock like that

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